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One of the best things you can do to improve your sound is to add an amplifier to your system. Whether you like it loud or soft, extra power will breathe life into your music, bringing out all of its emotional excitement, impact, and fine detail. The good news is, the compact design of many amps makes it possible for more cars than ever to have one. The kind of amp you need will depend on what you’re planning to power.

An amplifier is a must if your car stereo/head unit is factory fitted or an after market non branded product as the typical power of these head units is 10-12 watts rms per channel/speaker which is not enough to get the performance from an aftermarket speaker or subwoofer.

There are mainly 3 types of Car Amplifiers 4/2 Channel for Speakers, Mono for Subwoofers and 5/6 Channel for Speakers and Subwoofers. Thumb rule to follow when buying an amplifier is that it should match the speaker power or be higher than that to prevent overheating and damage to the amplifier.

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