About US

We are a team of dynamic individuals having been in the business of Car Accessories and Home Audio since 2013.

We are authorised dealers of many brands like My Shaldan, Dr Marcus, Bergmann, Formula 1, JL Audio, Morel, Cerwin Vega, Blaupunkt, JBL, Infinity, Scosche, Stinger, Mosconi, Polk Audio, Marantz, Qacoustics, Mission, Taga Harmony and many more.

Our Mission is to sell the best quality products at a reasonable price thereby providing the best value for money and a smile on your face, through timely delivery and exceptional service. We strive for quality and believe in building relationships, hence will only promote products that are durable and long lasting. Our endeavour is to give you support throughout the product life cycle and guide you in taking the right buying decisions.

The primary reason our co-founder Mr. Prem Rupani who has a work experience of 30+ years in different domains like Real Estate, Information Technology and Ecommerce ventured into this business was that whenever he wanted to buy any car products or electronics, he would encounter vendors who would promote and try to sell only those products in which they had a high profit margin and would provide at the most 2 options, whereas we provide at least 5-6 options and also explain the differences in those options. Apart from selling products we also provide installation and after sales support to our customers.

Please feel free to reach us for any queries and we will be more that happy to help you out.