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Blaupunkt DVPA 2.0 Door Pad Vibration Arrester (Pack of 4)

Blaupunkt DVPA 2.0 Door Pad Vibration Arrester (Pack of 4)

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Type: Damping Sheets
Warranty: 6 Months Brand Warranty

Blaupunkt DPVA 2.0 – Door Pad Vibration Arrester is to be applied to the inside of door pads and provides sound-absorbing and vibration dampening. It also has anti-squeak properties for use in various kinds of vehicles.

This vibration arrester is designed to provide excellent sealing capabilities against moisture rich air found inside doors that can cause serious harm to door pads. It’s also designed to act as an insulator and keep heat out and improve the performance of in-cabin air conditioning. In colder climates, it acts as an insulator to keep the cold out and improve the performance of the in-cabin heating.

It helps act as a sound insulator to keep road and tire noise to a minimum which in turn helps quieten the cabin and in turn improve overall audio performance.


  • Absorb vibration caused by powerful aftermarket audio speakers in doors
  • Decrease vibration and heat from the engine when used on inside firewall.
  • Decrease engine and exhaust noise and vibration when applied to floor pans, roof and rear parcel tray locations
  • Prevent external noise (tire, road and wind) from entering the cabin
  • Lessen vibration of the cabin frame structure
  • Improve overall audio performance
  • Keep temperatures down and improve in-cabin air conditioning, especially in warmer climates

The insulation material is to be installed on clean dry surface (inside of door pads). To install this on the inside of a door pad simply remove the adhesive layer from the sheet and stick on the entire inside of a door pad, ensure maximum coverage.


  • Thermal conductivity w / (M. K) s: 0.030
  • Sound absorption coefficient NRC = 0.85; Standard level (level I)
  • Fire test: the combustion performance of the material reaches the standard safety level (B1)
  • Water absorption: water absorption ≤ 1.0%
  • Size: 800mm x 500mm / 31.4” x 19.7”
  • Quantity: 4 sheets
  • Coverage Area : 4.29 sq.ft per sheet (17.16 sq.ft for 4 sheets)

What's in the BOX:

  • 4* Door Pad Vibration Arresters
  • 1* User manual &
  • 1* Warranty Card
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