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Blaupunkt Bonnet Damp 600 6mm Car Damping Sheet

Blaupunkt Bonnet Damp 600 6mm Car Damping Sheet

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Type: Damping Sheets
Size: 6 mm Thickness
Warranty: No Warranty

Suitable for Bonnet and Dicky Lid underside and inside roof panel of vehicle.

Blaupunkt BONNET DAMP 600 is a heat and sound insulation foam sheet. The front surface is covered with a reinforced composite Aluminium foil and the back is coated with a layer of strong environmentally friendly adhesive. This car bonnet damping sheet is also known as bonnet inner liner or bonnet insulation. BONNET DAMP 600 is primarily used to reduce noise, vibration, and heat transfer from the engine compartment to the cabin of a vehicle. It's lightweight and flexible making application on metal surfaces easy.

       Use on bonnet of your car trunk to get more bass, more music, lower road noise and hence better sound.

Use of Car Bonnet Damping
       BONNET DAMP 600 damping sheet is to reduce engine and road noise reaching the cabin of a vehicle, music in the cabin sounds better with louder and tighter Bass at low volume. This damping sheet is usually applied to the underside of the car bonnet where it adheres to the metal surface.


  • Thickness 6.0 mm
  • Size - 1000mm x 1400mm / 55.12 inches x 39.37 inches
  • Quantity - 1 sheet
  • Coverage Area: 15 sq ft
  • Eliminate Road Noise
  • Improve Cabin Air Conditioning Performance
  • Get Better Bass
  • Hear More Music
  • High Durability & Reliability

What's in the BOX

  • 1* Car Bonnet Damping Sheet
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