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Bergmann Gladiator Standard 2 Car Duster (with wax-baked cotton strands)

Bergmann Gladiator Standard 2 Car Duster (with wax-baked cotton strands)

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Type: Duster

  • Baked-in wax treatment gives strong ability to attract dust. Wax Treatment is permanent and no need for rejuvenation
  • With special ivory virgin ABS handle that is far more elegant than dusters with black recycled plastic handles
  • With special red sponge grip to make it comfortable to hold in the palm of your hands. Most other dusters have cheap plastic grooves that hurt the palm when gripped
  • Premium, Extra soft, high density cotton fibres won't scratch your car like other dusters
  • With Anti-Bacterial treatment to ensure that bacteria does not breed on them. Most other dusters have no such treatment
  • With special 4-thread root stitching that ensures the strands do not come out even after several years
  • With Free PU Leather Carry Case with zipper
  • Cleans the entire car in minutes without water
  • No need to wash. Can be washed with water (without detergent) if required
  • Extremely durable. Lasts for several years ! The dirtier it gets, the better it works
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